Julia McMorrough – Good Signs

A visit to the supermarket can contain multitudes.

It might be a rushed and familiar journey over paths trod so many times they’ve merged into one eternal shopping trip; or an adventure in unfamiliar yet promising new terrain; or a frustratingly attenuated foray that started quick and precise; or a return; or an escape. It can be a place of confusion, liberation, community, or loneliness. It might be about possibility for one, and desperation for another.

The Good Signs studio investigated the supermarket typology as an experience understood over multiple dimensions – its history, its global status, its place in the community, its container (the building), its organization (the interior), and its contents. These issues and scales were not only architectural in nature, but actively embraced the breadth and (surprising) depth of the graphic interfaces that inform, instruct, guide, excite, challenge, and engage.

As the present moment highlights an increasing need for all our public spaces to rise to greater challenges, the role of signage, graphics, and visual communication was an ever-present co-conspirator in the process.

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