Lars Gräbner + Christina hansen Market Place Synergies

MARKET PLACE SYNERGIES is a studio to think creatively of new actors in the living environment. Demographic changes in urban agglomerations, changing interests in the population, and a higher percentage of unique forms of living require more differentiated and inclusive approaches towards the planning and design of contemporary housing.
This studio offers the opportunity to innovate, develop and test new alternative concepts for housing by creating new territories where current routines can be questioned. In collaboration with the Detroit Planning Department, the studio teams will explore the synergistic proposition of living in the energetic and creative environment amidst the Eastern Market in Detroit.
The teams will explore how different programmatic elements can contribute to a vibrant and resilient housing and lead to a synergistic outcome. The envisioned projects will react to new and emerging lifestyles and test a variety of innovative housing models while having the potential for being catalytic, inclusive, and transformative.
MARKET PLACE SYNERGIES is a studio, where all authors and teams are asked to develop and present convincing and inspiring arguments through strong systematic, environmental and social concepts. The outcomes will demonstrate innovation in alternative construction and integrative systems.
The studio will work in one confined area in Detroit; however models of housing should address broader concerns, ideas and concepts deployable universally.

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Student Work

Jingya Guan, DaEun Lee, Haopeng Sun – “Lustgarten”

Lustgarten creates economically competitive and welcoming space amidst the Eastern Market, while being environmentally responsible and beneficial to the local community. The project follows three main principals: to socially integrate the community in different scales, to create a spatial synergy between the market and residential spaces and introducing an extensive and experiential green space in the neighborhood. The Lustgarten spans over the column-free flexible market space doubling the real estate for multiple uses for the public and for semi-private use on top for the residents. The Lustgarten acts as green oasis ‘above’ the market and ‘within’ the market.

Harsheen Kaur, Ishan Pal, Abirami Manivannan – “The Living Collaborative”

The Eastern Market is a space that represents the community of Detroit, a shared public space of a social mix, food processing, and entrepreneurship; all under the framework of a market. This collaborative nature is authentic to the market. The proposal explores various and differentiated typologies of shared spaces that build on the sense of community, collectivity, and collaboration. The contemporary interpretation in The Living Collaborative is translated into a residential community of co-living, and flexible spaces, integrated within the Eastern Market fabric. Inspiration for the formal character is drawn from arches that exist at Eastern Market’s historic sheds.

Shahryar Beyzavi, Lovejeet Gehlot, Tristan Snyder – “The Hill”

In response to a demand for alternative housing solutions in the City of Detroit, “The Hill” reacts to emerging lifestyles. It presents a unique concept of urban agglomeration that tunes with the needs of residents, while strenghtening the values of community gathering and social inclusiveness. “The Hill” amidst the Eastern Market aims to provide spaces of congregation on various levels. Shared kitchens for single residents, communal spaces for the neighborhood and a bazaar expanding to the existing Eastern Market with a hilly roof garden accessible to the city. The project is conceived primarily in cross-laminated timber construction.

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