ARCH 562

Architectural Design VI (2G2/3G5) – Propositions

These advanced graduate-level design studios speculate on architecture’s ability to project alternative futures. Studios focus on special topics in architecture, ranging from urbanism to technology to socially-driven design practices that interrogate normative professional models.

Craig Borum – Building Anatomies

Christina Hansen – Aquatecture

Jacob Comerci + Mick McConnell – Built-In,Fit-Out

Catie Newell – Lone Light

Eduardo Mediero

Steven Lauritano and Anca Trandafirescu

Anya Sirota – Something Common

Kathy Velikov – Climate SF

Claudia Wigger – The Floor

Glenn Wilcox – _GFRCfurnitureprototyping

Maria Arquero de Alarcon कर्मभूमी [Karmabhumi]: the city as a field of action

Julia McMorrough – In Residence


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