Robert Adams – Wear the Wig

1. Performative Measures

Wear the Wig [WTW] moves in on the intersectional project of Institutions and Theater by questioning how the process of institutionalization mutually constructs the performative demands for architecture. The Theater of Operations is so spectacular that our bodies, objects, buildings, and cities are constantly awash in a cascade of performative measures. Institutional performance formalizes organizational compliance that regulate the public sphere. Social performance is mediated by the motivation of institutional actors to exert control over individuated actions.

2. Deactivating Institutionalization

The history of institutionalization renders a pathological narrative from which all institutional formation arises. Can architecture de-institutionalize the more insidious aspects of its discourse, especially its regimes of fitness located in the deep structure of theater typologies? Might the theater provide a platform to rewrite architecture’s script? 

3. Acting: Out

Performativity enacts accountability. The “right to remain silent” makes the non-verbal more present. Gender identities are performative acts that queer hetro-normativity. The signing of contracts, or taking an oath, are performative legal measures. The institutional demands of architectural education are performative.

Wear-the-Wig examines the mutual construction of euphoria and conflict, between intimacies and institutions, where an architecture of drama and trauma coincide – vividly.

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