Gina Reichert – Back of House

This studio centers around ideas of Back of House – making public what is usually kept behind the scenes. Students chose a public event to stage and explored ideas around how the event – people involved & and production of – could shape an 80,000 sq. ft. space, indoor and out. The project takes place in Chicago’s Near North Side neighborhood, where new development is encroaching upon the remaining Cabrini-Green row houses. They were offered 2 locations to decide between. Each student was to create a poster for the public event of their choosing, then planned out how the site they chose would hosting this event. Early on in the process, students defined critical moments in the path of the event across the site, and designed spaces in response to these points and durations. These “magic moments” and their sequencing became design check points for the projects as the work developed.

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Student Work

Morgan Mohr – “Cabrini Streetball: UnBounding the BlackBox”

The event chosen to exist on the Cabrini-Green site is a 3 on 3 streetball tournament. This event occurs on basketball courts scattered throughout the site. The architecture surrounding and encompassing these courts seeks to create and frame sequential viewpoints that highlight the event and provide supportive systems of programs for users. Basketball was chosen for its deeper culture and accessibility to the general public. Systems of programs form the “back of house,” as there is little programmatically to streetball itself. This project challenges the increasing commodification of a traditionally accessible sport through the architecture of a public event.

Issam Al Harhara

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Back to Arch 432 – UG3

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