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Student Work

Shandrah Bernath -“Stacked Community”

Stacked Community compresses the positive attributes of mobile home communities into a dense, urban site, creating a community of individual units and shared spaces. The formal and image strategies of the project seek to replicate properties of mobile home communities including individual entrances and outdoor space, physical separation of units as well as shared space and a sense of communal ownership. Wedges inserted into volumes create panels that slide to reveal cracks and canyons within and between units allowing for both connection and separation between units, and plentiful daylight without sacrificing privacy, semi-transparent windows also maintain privacy.

Rosa Manzo – “(DIS)PLACEMENT”

(DIS)PLACEMENT provides transitional housing for displaced people utilizing pronounced volumes that demarcate open, public spaces and punctuate more dense private spaces, creating variations in character and occupation. This project is thus transitional housing that provides livable, humane, individual space to all residents as a response to current alternative options, such as disposable camps or prison-like detention centers . (DIS)PLACEMENT recognizes the large role community plays in chaotic or disastrous situations and makes room for interactions, engagements, and relationships to take place and form among the residents themselves and their neighboring communities.

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