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Student Work

Shan Jin – “Living Archive”

Consciously or unconsciously, we are under surveillance. People are experimental subjects, and their daily behaviors are a living archive. As a metaphor, the architecture targets two groups: the daily routine of the employee/ researcher and the visitor. In the new environment, visitors are curious and wander throughout the structure. Their behaviors are heavily affected by outside factors such as the spatial quality of the architecture and the behaviors of others. Studying the retention of the behavior code, visitors are recorded, and that becomes the archive.

Léonie Muno – “Presence of and Absence: Stories about Teeth”

Teeth are tiny expressions of identity. They exist as physical records of their context. When a tooth falls out, it is removed from this context, but carries with it the grooves imprinted by the teeth around it. The space left is suddenly lled PRESENCE OF THIS ABSENCE. As a representation of teeth and the site this building replaces, the space of the building exists as a way to call attention to the narratives that surround teeth and a historical archive of our identities; both their presence
and their absence. Known as an archive of teeth, there is space allotted for a candy shop, an education space, a baby teeth archive, a library, a wisdom teeth archive, offices and research lab and study rooms. This is a space of expansion (main atrium) intersects with three silos of archived teeth, contrasting the empty space with a void filled with tiny individual teeth.

Other models are formal explorations of solid and void.

Osama Soukkar – “A Live Archive”

This project’s objective is to create a space to archive albums from the “Tarab” era of Arabic Music that this building aims to preserve. The continuation of this significant musical and cultural legacy is achieved through program; the building features a stage, classrooms, and production spaces. The form works towards architectualizing a live archive with all of the interconnected exhibition public spaces such that each space is leaning on and framing views to the former level. The sequential elements between the individual spaces establish a grand cohesive public realm relevant to the grand theme of how Arabic music heavily leans on a rich history of influences and connections.

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