glenn wilcox – project 4:Redo

Project 4 completes the semester’s close investigation of assigned precedent by asking students to redo  them. Today we can copy, paste, and undo with infinite ease. More than ever, authors are exposed as those who  rearrange previous conceptions in the service of originating new ones. However, if what we do is always a remix:  a process of copying, transforming, and recombining, we remember that this is, as always, a critical act.  


The program of Project 4 is quite simply, a house. However, beyond just the function of shelter, the house  should claim a position for a way of life that is engendered within and around its spaces. This idea should  come from your own reading of how the original house was inhabited, updated for a contemporary context. 

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Student Work

Caitlyn Chua – “Layers in Series”

Layers in Series reconsiders the organization of utility spaces within an urban, domestic infill site through the layering of a two meter module. Inspired by Pezo Von Ellrichausen’s Casa Poli in Chile, the house focuses on organization of layers of space. Within Casa Poli, a one meter perimeter holds the utility: bathrooms, circulation, and storage leaving the center open. This house exaggerates and emphasizes the perimeter through the repetition of layers of two meter utility space, which allow for the served spaces to remain expansive and multifunctional.

The two meter square module is utilized because of its perfect size to allow a person to travel through and exist comfortably within. Meanwhile, the module is the right size to be both window and door. Despite the monumentality of the exterior, the house is a direct response to its urban context. The layering of space creates privacy from the street while also allowing the expansive windows to create a blurred boundary between exterior and interior. Elevational shifts in section further the privacy from the city and distinguish the use of spaces as height changes occur between layers.

Jojo Ma – “House”

This project is inspired by the Wall House by FAR Architects. It focuses on the idea of “blurring the boundary of spaces,” exploring the potential of the techniques used in the Wall House. The Wall House is constructed with multiple layers of walls using different materials and structures. The layers interact with each other in the horizontal direction and create spaces in a hierarchy of privacy through the interaction between layers. This project exaggerates the interaction of the layers in the horizontal direction and emphasizes it vertically. The result is the second and third floors are partially open to the floor below and foster a feeling of verticality and spatial connectivity. The sectional spaces become a garden and create moments blurring the boundaries of inside and outside.

Within the Wall House, the shelving units are multi-functional; as walls to separate space, structure to bear the load, and storage space. Utilizing a similar idea, the alignment, and the shelving’s openings in this project create visual transparency throughout the house. Phenomenal transparency significantly shortens the long and narrow space and brings greenery and the exterior into the interior space.

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